Filmography details

Foxtrot Six

Production details
Release date2019
DirectorRandy Korompis
GenreAction, Sci-Fi
StatusPost production

Produced By
Mario KassarExecutive producer
Andreas Ian Tika
Randy Korompis
Henry Djunaedi
Wanyi Hindrawan Pratiknyo

Oka Antara
Verdi Soelaiman
Arifin Putra
Mike Lewis
Chicco Jerikho
Rio Dewanto
Edward Akbar
Miller Khan
Gisellma Firmansyah
Julie Estelle
Aurélie Moeremans

Andrew Juano
Andi Wijaya



IN THE TIME OF OUR CHILDREN, escalating climate change is turning the world economy upside down. With crops dying and food price spiking, FOOD has replaced oil as the world’s most valuable commodity.

Among the very few lands still left fertile, Indonesia was quickly rising as one of the world-leading food-exporters and the next economic superpower, when its government was suddenly and ruthlessly overtaken by a popular rogue political party: PIRANAS. Under Piranas and their private Paramilitary’s totalitarian rule, the country fell into depression, along with the rest of the world. Its people starve and live under constant suffering; desperate for a new age of hope and heroes.

ANGGA SAPUTRA, an ambitious former Marine-turned-Piranas-Congressman, has a primary directive: to keep the people’s morale and obedience in check, and stop any underground group of rebels who might uprise against the Piranas Party. One large group in particular, calling themselves: the REFORM. Promised a big raise in salary, Angga is forced to joint a work-force with an old adversary, the infamous and ruthless Paramilitary’s leader, WISNU.

In the middle of a night-shift, a lone Angga is intercepted, captured, and dragged underground by a group of Reforms. But instead of encountering enemies, Angga is shocked to find his thought-to-be-dead fiancee, a former award-winning field journalist, SARI NIRMALA. And not only is she a member of the Reform, but one of its key founding members. As if not shocking enough, he is introduced to DINDA, a twelveyear-old girl who turns out to be his. There Angga learns that the Party has been lying and exporting much of its produce at the expense of starving its own people.

When the Reform safehouse is suddenly breached by Wisnu and his goons, slaughtering Reform members, Angga has no choice but to save Sari and Dinda, and escape, inadvertently declaring him as a traitor and the enemy of the Piranas Party.

With Wisnu and the Party’s Paramilitaries hot on Angga’s trail, he has nobody left to trust except his four former Marine Teammates: OGGI, BARA, ETHAN, and TINO, plus a mysterious silent Reform’s assassin, only known by the call-name, SPEC.
Together, the six discover Piranas and Wisnu’s new sinister plan: a False Flag attack to effectively remove all Reforms and their sympathizers in a nationwide governmentsanctioned genocide.

In just three days, the six has-beens must work together, find their long lost brotherhood, stop the nation-wide False Flag attack, and save millions of lives, for one last shot at redemption. Or die trying.

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