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Heaven & Earth

Production details
Release date1993
DirectorOliver Stone
GenreAction, Biography, Drama, History, War
Box office$5,864,949 USD
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Produced By
Risa Bramon Garciaassociate producer
A. Kitman Hoproducer
Mario Kassarexecutive producer
Robert Klineproducer
Arnon Milchanproducer
Christina Rodgersassociate producer
Richard Rutowskiassociate producer
Oliver Stoneproducer
Clayton Townsendco-producer

Haing S. NgorPapa
Bussaro SanruckLe Ly - Age 5
Supak PititamBuddhist Monk
Joan ChenMama
Thuan K. NguyenUncle Luc
Hiep Thi LeLe Ly
Lan Nguyen CalderonBa
Thuan LeKim
Dustin NguyenSau
Mai Le HoHai
Vinh DangBon
Khiem ThaiBrother In Law
Liem WhatleyViet Cong Captain
Michelle Vynh LeViet Cong Cadre Woman
Tuan TranRapist

Fleeing the violence of the Viet Cong, Le Ly leaves her farming village with her mother for Saigon. After disgracing herself by becoming pregnant with her new master's child, she moves in with her sister and, through hustling the American troops, meets up with Steve Butler. They become lovers and, encouraged by his promises, she agrees to return with him to the strange but wonderful land of "America".
Written by Jonathan Ridsdale