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Rambo: First Blood Part II

Production details
Release date1985
DirectorGeorge P. Cosmatos
GenreAction, Adventure, Thriller
Box office$300,400,432 USD
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Produced By
Mel Dellarassociate producer
Buzz Feitshansproducer
Mario Kassarexecutive producer
Andrew G. Vajnaexecutive producer (as Andrew Vajna)

Sylvester StalloneRambo
Richard CrennaCol. Samuel Trautman
Charles NapierMarshall Murdock
Steven BerkoffLt. Col. Podovsky
Julia NicksonCo
Martin KoveEricson
George CheungTay (as George Kee Cheung)
Andy WoodBanks
William GhentCaptain Vinh
Voyo GoricSergeant Yushin (as Vojo Goric)
Dana LeeCaptain Kinh
Baoan ColemanGunboat Captain
Steve WilliamsLifer
Don CollinsP.O.W. #1
Christopher GrantP.O.W. #2

Former Green Beret John Rambo is serving time in a federal prison. When the US military hears of American soldiers missing in action from the Vietnam war possibly still being alive and held captive, Colonel Trautman is authorized to send Rambo in to rescue them. For Rambo, this is what he would do best. If only the pencil-pushers would stop getting in his way.
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