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Production details
Release date1982
DirectorJames W. Roberson
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Produced By
Ed Carlinproducer
Mario Kassarexecutive producer
Robert Lloyd Lewisco-producer (as Robert L.J. Lewis)
Michael O. Sajbelassociate producer (as Michael Sajbel)
John D. Schwartzco-producer
Andrew G. Vajnaexecutive producer (as Andrew Vajna)

James HoughtonRev. David Thompson
Albert SalmiInspector Sturgess
Lynn CarlinMelinda Leahy
Larry PennellGeorge Leahy
Jacquelyn HydeElvira Sharack
Robert SymondsPike
Heidi BohayAnn Leahy
Maylo McCaslinSheryl Leahy
Carole GoldmanElondra
Stacy Keach Sr.Rev. Maier
Kim MarieMary
Billy JayneJustin Leahy (as Billy Jacoby)
Johnny DoranCharlie
Bennett LissArty
Joshua CadmanArlen (as Josh Cadman)

A family moves into a long-condemned New England household with a big pond out back that everybody loves to swim in. Soon, however, they find that the pond was the site of the execution- by-drowning of a witch three hundred years before, and she's back to revenge herself on anybody nearby, whether they're Catholic or not.
Written by Brian J. Wright