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  1. Mario Kassar (Best of, Part 1 of 2)


  2. Mario Kassar (Best of, Part 2 of 2)


  3. Industry Standard 40: Mario Kassar


    From Barry Katz's podcast.

  4. John Lithgow Funny Cliffhanger story


  5. Her Controversial Scene in Basic Instinct Gave the Crew a Little Extra

    2024-03-07Basic Instinct

  6. Rambo mania hits town of Hope, B.C.

    2024-02-13First Blood

  7. Greeting from Oliver Ojeil


  8. Analysis | How AI comes to life through movies - Washington Post

    2023-10-04Terminator 2: Judgement Day

    "Stories about artificial intelligence have been with us for decades, even centuries. In some, the robots serve humanity as cheerful helpers or soulful lovers. In others, the machines eclipse their human makers and try to wipe us out."

    Read the full article (The Washington Post).

  9. Birthday wishes from Hélène Lénoir


  10. Automat Pictures "RAMBO" Interview with Mario Kassar

    2023-09-03First Blood

    The following paragraph is an excerpt of a transcript from an interview Automat Pictures did with Mario Kassar on January 27, 2002.

    How did you meet Andy Vajna?
    MK : I met Andy Vajna about, God, 25 years ago, maybe? He
    start a company in, um, in Hong Kong, uh, called PanAsia, where he
    was releasing, um, fore-- uh, foreign, uh, films like from the --
    from Europe or for -- from the States in the Far East, and I was
    at that time based in Europe. And then I was working, uh, for,
    um, another person in the Far East called Arthur -- the Arthur
    Davis Organization, something like this. And then I met Andy
    Vajna and I was not very happy where I was -- uh, with the person
    I was working with, so Andy asked me, he said, "To -- do you wanna
    do something together? Do you want me -- you -- can you find me
    movies for, um, the Far East, Hong Kong, Thailand," you know, all
    those places. I said, "Sure, why not?" And then, you know, from
    that day on, then I introduce him to everybody in Europe and got
    him the movies for Hong Kong, and that's how I met him.

    Read the full interview here (PDF, 22 pages)

  11. Mario Kassar visits Egyptian Media Production City

    2023-08-22PROJECT EGYPT

  12. James Cameron fought with Mario Kassar over the ending of Terminator 2

    2023-08-09Terminator 2: Judgement Day

  13. The best sci-fi action movie ever made celebrates its birthday today

    2023-07-04Terminator 2: Judgement Day

    Read the article at THE DIGITAL FIX.

  14. Milton Mendes » Film Retrospect; remembers the good old days


    Visit the post on Facebook.

  15. RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD (1982) What Happened To The Cast After 40 Years?! (Then And Now 2023)

    2023-04-03First Blood

  16. Tribute to Movie Producer Mario Kassar - VHS Tape Collection


  17. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Total Recall (GQ)

    2023-02-28Total Recall

  18. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Terminator 2: Judgement Day (GQ)

    2023-02-28Terminator 2: Judgement Day

  19. The troubling legacy of the Lolita story, 60 years on


    "The dubious aesthetic of Kubrick's film has endured in pop culture. But is it the film or the original book that is to blame for this perplexing phenomenon, asks Steph Green?"

    Read the article on

  20. Rambo First Blood 40th anniversary website

    2022-06-29First Blood

    Visit the website

  21. Cinema's Next Quantum Leap


    An interesting article about the industry and its potential next quantum leap, read it at Alpha1Media

  22. Universal Soldier - publicity stunt @ Cannes '92

    2022-05-24Universal Soldier

    This took place at the screening of Robert Altmans The Player after Jean-Claude Van Damme had an idea to generate publicity for Universal Soldier a few months before the release.

    Read the full story at Screenrant

  23. Mario featured in a video about the 100 most famous lebanese people


  24. StudioCanal: The special effects of Total Recall

    2022-05-11Total Recall

  25. Adrian Lyne on the ending of Jacobs Ladder

    2022-04-15Jacob's Ladder

    Collider Adrian Lyne interview Jacobs Ladder

  26. "What you see is unique in the world"

    2022-04-12PROJECT EGYPT

  27. Alan Parker's website for Angel Heart

    2022-04-10Angel Heart

    Visit website

  28. Mario Kassar Visits the Egyptian Media Production City

    2022-03-24PROJECT EGYPT

  29. Interview

    2022-03-11PROJECT EGYPT

  30. Egypt trip

    2022-03-07PROJECT EGYPT

  31. Why JACOB'S LADDER Nearly Broke Me

    2021-12-17Jacob's Ladder

  32. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Carolco (1995)


  33. Top 8 Underrated Gems from Carolco Pictures


  34. PERSPEKTIF - Produser Foxtrot Six Bongkar Rahasia!

    2021-08-26Foxtrot Six

  35. Justis Greene on Mario Kassar's picture First Blood (1982)

    2021-08-25First Blood

  36. Total Excess: How CAROLCO Pictures changed Hollywood


  37. Analyzing Evil: Asami Yamazaki From Audition


  38. @movieweb: Terminator 2: Judgment Day Was Released in Theaters 30 Years Ago Today

    2021-07-03Terminator 2: Judgement Day

    Terminator 2: Judgment Day Was Released in Theaters 30 Years Ago Today

  39. The Tin Man Gets His Heart: An Oral History of 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day'

    2021-07-01Terminator 2: Judgement Day

    Michael Pohorly sent a greeting and a link:

    Reading about how you changed the future of Cinema:

    The Tin Man Gets His Heart: An Oral History of 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day'

  40. #1675 - Quentin Tarantino (The Joe Rogan Experience)


    Listen to the episode now

  41. The Billionaires Secret: Fantastic article about Mario Kassar's Cutthroat Island

    2020-12-26Cutthroat Island

    Read the original tweet

    Read the linked article on Forbes

  42. From a friend and a great italian director.


    Thank you for the kind words my friend.

  43. Terminator 2 hype trailer mentioned

    2020-08-04Terminator 2: Judgement Day

    Read the original tweet

  44. Great article (and artwork) in the latest @empiremagazine on @MKassarOfficial and Carolco Pictures!


    Read the original tweet

  45. Arnold Schwarzenegger says original Total Recall producer didn't want him in lead role

    2020-06-14Total Recall

    Verhoeven: "We shook hands, Arnold and I, and said, 'We're going to do this.' And that was it.

    "No talk about money or anything. It was just looking at each other and believing that Mario could finance it and that Arnold and I were a good team."

    Read the article here

  46. American trailer for Foxtrot Six released

    2020-03-06Foxtrot Six

    Read and comment on Wanyi Pratiknyo's tweet here

  47. Mario interviewed on American Badass - A Michael Madsen retrospective

    2020-03-05The Doors

  48. Foxtrot Six (USA Trailer)

    2020-02-13Foxtrot Six

  49. When MAVO meets Mario Kassar - the interview


  50. TEN Hollywood: Mico Saad Mario Kassar episode


  51. Teaser: GODDESS - The Fall and Rise of Showgirls


  52. LIFE Beyond Borders 2019


  53. Hasta la vista, Andyska


  54. Mario Kassar Interview Teaser - In Search of The Last Action Heroes


  55. In Search of the Last Action Heroes


    Mario's work is featured in a new crowdfunded documentary, read more on Rediscover the 80s.

    Direct link to the Kickstarter IndieGoGo campaign.

  56. Mario Kassar to exec produce english language adaptation of Audition


    Terminator, Rambo, and Basic Instinct exec producer Mario Kassar is assembling an English-language adaptation of Audition, the infamous 1997 novel by Japanese author Ryu Murakami about a lonely widower who gets more than he bargains for when he puts out a fake casting call to find a new girlfriend. Audition was, of course, adapted in 1999 into a cringe-inducing cult film in its own right by Japanese helmer Takashi Miike. The new Kassar-produced version is based on the original Murakami novel and will transplant the story to an American setting.

    In this version, Audition's unlucky protagonist is Sam Davis, who lives alone with his son following the death of his wife seven years prior and is convinced by a filmmaker friend to stage the fake auditions. The former ballerina with a mysterious past he falls for is now named Evie Lawrence, but otherwise details fall closely in line with Murakami's best-seller.

    They adapted the script and will tackle a fall shoot for Audition after filming wraps on his current project, thriller Sugar Mountain starring Jason Momoa. He also helmed and produced the Justin Long crime thriller The Lookalike, which Well Go USA is releasing this summer.

    Audition (2000, Japan) on IMDB:

    Original article on Deadline:

  57. T2:Judgement Day 3D

    2017-08-25Terminator 2: Judgement Day

    The updated blockbuster super hit Terminator 2 3D is set for worldwide theatrical release august 24-25 2017!

  58. Under preparation: Nocturne In Black

    2017-05-26Nocturne In Black

    Nocturne in Black tells the story of a young man who rebuilds his piano after it is destroyed by Jihadists while showing his community the strength and uplifting power of music in times of hopelessness.

    The feature-length version is based on the Award-winning short film Nocturne in Black winner of the Gold Medal in the 2016 Student Academy Awards and the D.G.A. student film awards.

    Nocturne in Black was also shortlisted for the 2017 Oscars in the Live Action Shorts category as well as the 2017 BAFTA Awards.

  59. Work in progress: Foxtrot Six

    2016-06-28Foxtrot Six

    The first ever Southeast Asian Hollywood-style franchise, developed with Rapid Eye Pictures and East-West Synergy.
    Production to take place in Indonesia and the US.

  60. Work in progress: Audition


    A remake of the 1999 horror by Takashi Miike, Director TBA.

    When the 1999 film was screened at the Rotterdam Film Festival 2000 it had a record number of walkouts. At the Swiss premiere a member of the audience passed out and needed emergency room attention.

  61. Work in progress: The Wall


    The story is set in the middle kingdom, China and takes off when a roman legion reaches the Great Wall.

  62. Work in progress: Ataturk


    A beautiful story about the father of modern day Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

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